Google Is Shutting Down Paid Chrome Extensions

Intended to lessen spammy extensions, including banning multiple Google is closing down paid Chrome extensions provided on the Chrome Web Shop, the company declared today. That means that programmers attempting to monetize their wings might need to do so with other payment-handling systems.

Testimonials to attempt to secure better positioning for their expansion, and As of Monday, programmers can no longer make new paid The coming months, and on February 1st, Google says that existing extensions cannot charge customers utilizing the Chrome Web Shop’s payments system.

Extensions, based on Google — although that’s cementing a policy set up since March. And that policy follows a temporary suspension of publishing paid extensions in January after Google noticed an uptick in fraudulent trades that”aim[ed] to exploit users.

Extensions that do precisely the same thing, not permitting developers to control Them, are not the only noteworthy changes to extensions that Google has made. Google will slowly phase out other performance over this year. The company rolled out several coverage upgrades in April Forbidding extensions that abuse alarms.

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