Google Meet extends Free Calls Until 2021

The company had given all customers free meetings without a time limitation earlier this year as the demand for video conferencing rose in the pandemic.

The online giant had said it would be ending its gift of unlimited free Google Meet calls, instead of limiting users to needs for only 60 minutes.

Google has gone to a movement to strip users of free video conferencing calls with its Google Meet service. However, Google has now said it will extend free, unlimited Meet calls into next year for users with a Gmail account.

The new offer will last until March 31, 2021, with Google stating that the forthcoming holiday season helped affect its choice, allowing users to stay in contact with colleagues and loved ones throughout the world.

As we look ahead to some holiday season with less traveling and important Milestones like family reunions, PTA meetings, and weddings hosted over The Google also allowed access to premium Hangouts Meet attributes, including the capability to have discussions with up to 250 participants, broadcast live streams of up to 100,000 individuals within one domain, in addition to the ability to save meeting records to Google Drive.

Video, we wish to keep helping individuals who rely on Meet to stay in Functions will be accessible for consumers with free Gmail subscriptions. However, there is a 24-hour technical limitation that might signify some users can not access all the attributes straight away.

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