A New Standalone Version Of Office Might Getting A Release In 2021

We will make sure to update you if Microsoft releases more info. We are not sure just how much the new version of Office will charge.

Microsoft might be placing the majority of its own Office-related development resources to its own cloud-based Office 365 package, but it has not given up on standalone versions of the productivity program.

According to a Microsoft Exchange Team blog article, a brand new version of the Office’s”perpetual” variant is really in the works.

Swapping constant attribute upgrades for dependable, 24/7 offline file access is a reasonably fair trade, everything considered. (or maybe 2022), however, we would not be shocked if Microsoft brings a couple of thoughts from Office 365.

Nevertheless, standalone versions of Office will not be up-to-date as their live counterparts, but that is something lots of consumers will likely be eager to live with.

It is uncertain what new features we could expect to see from Office 2021. Lengthy hiatus — the previous version of this software to launch was Office 2019, which really came out around now in 2018.

The Exchange Team did not go into many specifics concerning the new Office release, sadly. In reality, they just said it in one line, which reads as follows: “Microsoft Office may even observe a brand new perpetual release for Windows and Mac, at the next half 2021.”

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