Microsoft Edge Arriving For Linux In October

Next month, Microsoft Edge will eventually arrive on Linux, in the form of a developer preview build.
Though it isn’t perfect, Microsoft’s brand new and enhanced Edge browser is undoubtedly a significant improvement over its less popular predecessor.

The Chromium-powered browser is now a real alternative to Chrome and Firefox, but only on Windows and Mac. Linux users have largely been left out of the loop until now, that is.

Performance, be they negative or positive, Microsoft encourages you to drop them a line and discuss your own experiences. You can do this via the Edge Insider forum or the Edge Dev Twitter accounts.

Precisely the same Chrome add-ons and each of the Chromium (and Edge-specific). Should you use the browser on Linux and have any ideas on its Whatever the case, you’ll have two chief options for snagging Edge for Linux from October.

You can catch it from the Edge Insiders site by downloading the”preview channel,” or you can just use Linux’s built-in program manager.

There likely won’t be some Substantial differences between Edge for Linux and Edge for other programs — you must still have access to Features you’ve come to expect.

Since it will not be a full release straight away, you might encounter the occasional bug or glitch while browsing the internet through Microsoft’s engineers will likely do their very best to make it steady.

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