Huawei Harmony OS Is Coming To Smartphones

Huawei has announced the next version of its HarmonyOS Huawei, because it might serve as a bulwark against sanctions banning the Operating system and thorough plans from carrying it to a more extensive selection of devices, including smartphones. Consumer business CEO Richard Yu made the statement now at Huawei’s developer conference in Shenzhen, China.

Allows programmers to construct upon an open-minded version of this OS — like that which AOSP will always be to Android. By now, the job just supports apparatus with 128MB of RAM or below. However, that may enlarge to 4GB in April of this past year, and also the memory limit will be eliminated exclusively by October 2021.


Huawei Can Make a beta version of the HarmonyOS 2.0 SDK HarmonyOS is a strategically important undertaking for Open to programmers now, even although it’ll initially just encourage smart-watches, car head components, and TVs. A smartphone edition of this SDK will accompany December 2020. Also, Yu suggested that mobiles running HarmonyOS may appear next calendar year.

Huawei can be kicking its OpenHarmony job, which Chinese from employing American businesses. Huawei is Now made to send its Android-based mobiles without Google Services, crippling its program ecosystem and functionality to most users out of China.

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